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Carol Atkins

Carol Atkins Sea Change Rainforest to Reef Biopack Art SeriesSea Change - Mixed Media on Canvas

Why I love being part of this campaign

"Trees and clean ocean for the next generation, awareness of how we can all help and support this wonderful and very important campaign."

About my Artwork

I am inspired by nature and the ocean, I love trees 'forest kings' and imagine the many stories they hold in their branches and expansive root systems. Nature is a kaleidoscope of colour, sound and feeling. There is always a message in my paintings which are a matrix of nature and depth within. They layer detail offering the viewer both initial intrigue and depth of discovery and are inspired by the landscapes and vistas of the ocean and the rainforest.

Carol Atkins Sea Change Rainforest to Reef Biopack Art SeriesGreen Fig - Mixed Media on Canvas

About my Artwork

Green Fig is inspired by the rainforest fig trees,  large roots systems supporting the journey upwards to the light 'Forest Kings'.






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