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Serendipity Ice Cream's Miss Dipity Saves the Daintree!

Protect Lot 46 forever
Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Road is in the heart of the Daintree lowlands rainforest and is an incredibly special piece of land. Please help us create a Nature Conservation Reserve on Lot 46 and protect it into perpetuity.

Miss Dipity to the Rescue – Rainforest Rescue that is! Our heroic gal has joined the Rainforest Rescue team to help secure a pristine environment for fauna and the tasty berries used in her latest Limited Edition DipityPop. Saving the world 1 delicious DipityPop at a time… What a wonder woman!

$0.25 from every Rainforest RescueBerry DipityPop goes to the Rainforest Rescue fund to protect threatened Daintree rainforest where the endangered Southern Cassowary makes its home. Rainforest Rescue purchases small plots of Daintree Rainforest for regeneration and securing wildlife corridors and habitat for threatened native species.

We have utilised the sweet rainforest berry of the Lily Pilly for this Pop, native to the Daintree cassowary habitat.

Rainforest RescueBerry: the sweetest combination of juicy lillipilli berries and Belgian white chocolate ice cream, wrapped in crisp white chocolate.

Join us in contributing to saving the Daintree by buying a Rainforest RescueBerry DipityPop and making a contribution here.